Microsoft 365 Adoption

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The first step of any Microsoft 365 adoption programme is to ensure that staff are aware of the possibilities this platform can provide for them.  Many people think Microsoft 365 is simply a subscription version of Office but the reality is that this integrated set of tools provide huge cloud based technologies that can radically transform your business processes.

Working together with our partners 365 Tribe we can work with your colleagues to identify improvement opportunities and create a desire for change. The approach we take is to create a number of Microsoft 365 champions across a range of departments developing a desire in those departments to get more from the toolkit.

Knowledge transfer is via webinars, short online videos and a series of challenges which are independently marked and followed by a short knowledge test before staff gain their champions badges in the topic they have been studying. The champion badge system creates a great way to encourage competition between colleagues and let them be publicise their achievements and expertise. 

The final stages of the adoption process are continual implementation of their new skills by putting them into action which also re-enforces their learning.

A typical short training video is shown below: