Microsoft 365

At the heart of Microsoft 365 is Teams, this collaboration platform provides a great way to work together with colleagues and also a central location to interact with documents, planners, Power Apps and other parts of the Microsoft 365 toolkit. 

Your Microsoft 365 subscription  even at the entry level Business subscription contains many of the tools you need to be efficient and manage workflow and forms in your business. Did you know that all business subscriptions include:

      • A central document store (SharePoint)
      • An out of the box corporate news intranet (SharePoint News)
      • A team collaboration & video conferencing tool (Teams)
      • An electronic form system (Forms)
      • A workflow tool (Power Automate)
      • A tool to share documents with suppliers (OneDrive)
      • An electronic Kanban planner board (Planner)
      • A shared whiteboard for brainstorming meetings (Whiteboard)
      • A mobile device data collection toolkit (Power Apps)

The first step in understanding what is possible with this comprehensive toolkit is to have an awareness of the systems capabilities. For a free 1 hour consultation discussing your challenges give us a call. We can organise a follow up demonstration selecting one your challenges and showing a prototype a few days later.