ICT Strategy

Business strategy theme concept using wood block

Developing an ICT strategy can be a tricky task as often board members are not experts in the subject making it a challenge to get a strong technical foundation and direction into the document that is easy to understand in layman’s terms.  Your ICT strategic plan needs to include that technical foundation yet define protecting data and demonstrating the agility needed to meet the ever increasing expectations of senior leadership.

At the 365 key we can work with your ICT and senior management team to deliver an ICT Strategic Plan that meets the needs for a strong and flexible technology foundation, provides agility for continuous improvement and maps to the underlying mission and vision statements of the business. We have experience of developing these plans through our founder being the former Assistant Director of ICT for a large housing association and with 36 years of experience working across the ICT technology, Water and recycling industries.  We also have extensive experience of managing an operational ICT department using the ITIL framework so understand how to make sure a strategy is deliverable after being approved.