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There is no i in Teams: How do Housing Associations achieve true collaboration in a new dispersed virtual world?

Hear from Industry and Technology experts in this exciting 1 hour webinar aimed at helping you nail your approach to upskilling Frontline workers in readiness for Microsoft 365.

John Sammons, Owner of The 365 Key and former Assistant Director:ICT at Karbon Homes, will share his views on the current challenges Housing Associations are facing and why they should be thinking about Digital Transformation. John will walk you through how you can make the most of out Microsoft 365 and ensure your employees and frontline staff have the required skills to transition to the modern working environment.

Mark Walsh, CEO of PointSolutions will discuss and showcase how a modern learning management system can not only help you deliver the necessary regulatory and compliance training, but also support upskill of employees whilst furloughed, coordinate training of operational process changes and deliver on a wider strategic upskill strategy to support the organisational objectives.

Geoff Williams, Digital Champion and Office 365 Specialist, 365Tribe will walk you through launching a Digital Champions Network to drive and sustain adoption. Geoff will focus on the importance of having a well-structured, closely managed and engaged network of Change Agents and how you can achieve this.