Staying safe online – Windows updates and Antivirus

Computers can catch a virus too and criminals are on the attack!

While the world is in lock down trying to prevent of the COVID-19 virus sadly criminals are using this to their advantage and targeting people working from home to gain access to their computers and potentially their company networks. To protect against these attacks there are few simple things that can be done to ensure your computer is protected. These steps will depend on how your computer is managed.

One of the most important things you should NEVER do is email a document to your home email, edit it, then send it back to work. This is how a larger proportion of ransomware attacks start.

My company remotely manages my computer

In this circumstance you should follow the recommendations from your ICT department to ensure your computer is up to date. Never postpone updates to Windows or your anti-virus software if you see a prompt to do this. It is likely that your company will implement something known as ‘patch management’ and in that solution they will activate an update on your computer remotely so always ensure it connects to the company network on a regular basis.

I manage my own computer and use software to connect to my company

This means you are responsible for keeping your computer up to date and you have an antivirus application installed.

Windows 10

On a Windows 10 computer follow these steps to ensure your computer is up to date at least once a week.

Windows 10 Setup Cog: Preventing Cybercrime
Press the windows key and then click the cog symbol
In the windows settings search box type ‘Windows Update’
FInally click check for updates and follow any prompts.

If you are using the built in Windows Security system this will automatically update your antivirus solution., if not you need to follow the instructions provided by your Antivirus provider.

Every now and then you should run a quick scan using the button shown below if you are using the built in Windows 10 security system.

That is all you need to do. There are many other things you need to be aware of including AdWare, Phishing etc but these two simple steps will ensure your computer is protected against most virus attacks.

Apple Macintosh

There are very few viruses or malware for Apple Macintosh computers. However they can store files or emails that contain PC viruses and if you share this data with a PC device it can infect them. Good practice is to always install an antivirus checker on a Macintosh computer and always download applications from the Apple application store and not websites.

Staying safe online and preventing cyber crime is simple to do providing you follow a few simple steps.

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Stay Safe – Stay Home – Stay Digitally safe

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